Top Gadgets for Dad – 7 Unusual Birthday & Christmas Tech Gift Ideas


Running out of time to find that perfect present for the dad in your life?

No longer simply the domain of the younger generation, the obsession with gadgets and technology has rapidly spread to the grey-haired and dad-bodded among us. Whether your pops is a tech devotee or a stubborn luddite, these strange marvels will be sure to bring endless fascination.

But my dad already has all the gadgets he could ever want!

Oh you sweet summer child. No man has reached the limit of his own lust for technology. If you broaden your definition of “usefulness” you’ll see that there are always new needs to fill. Without further ado, we present our list of the top 7 unique gadgets for dad (dadgets?) – in order of most useful to most ridiculous.

#7 : Portable coffee brewer

For the caffeine-addicted dad on the go, this neat contraption will allow your pops to shave precious minutes off his morning routine by brewing his coffee while he starts his commute. All you need is your car’s cigarette lighter or any other power socket and you’re all set to brew some seriously above-average java!



#6 — Robotic Lawn Mower

If you’ve experienced being a teenager living in the suburbs, your most dreaded chore is most definitely lawn mowing. Give your dad a taste of the good old days by getting a robot to replace you! The WORX Landroid Lawn Mower is state-of-the-art when it comes to automated lawn care.
On the downside, now that technology has replaced the only actual useful thing that teenagers can do, they’re bound to become even more insufferable.



#5 — Foldable Electric Bicycle —

The perfect transportation mechanism for a practical city-dwelling dad. No Garage? No problem. Tiny Apartment? You can stuff it in the closet. Spending most of your salary on that tiny apartment? It’s extremely cost-efficient.
Each electric charge will allow you to coast for 50 miles, at which point it will become just a regular old bike.



#4 — Washable keyboard —

An inevitable part of every PC lover’s life is the thin layer of mysterious grime that builds up on their keyboards. Personally, I don’t even want to imagine what lies beneath the cracks in-between individual keys. Actually trying to clean a keyboard thoroughly is an extremely frustrating and time-consuming experience.
Luckily, there’s a better way. With the Logitech washable keyboard, you can just pop that sucker in the sink and rinse it off. Forget losing crumbs between the cracks – it’s completely airtight!




#3 — Usb Mini-Fridge

Nobody likes getting up from their computer in the middle of a vegging out session. If human beings liked to move, we wouldn’t have invented all of this technology business to begin with! Now you can keep a cool drink handy at all times, with this USB-powered tiny fridge. Just watch your dad plug this neat gadget into his PC, and witness him become the envy of even the scruffiest of neckbeards.



#2 — Ice Cream Combination Lock

Does your dad jealously guard his frozen treats like some kind of tubby middle-aged golem? Make his dreams come true with the Ben & Jerry’s Pint Locker! Never again will he have to deal with you pesky young’uns swiping his chunky monkey.



#1 — Electric Scooter Cooler

Did you think the USB Mini-Fridge was a cool gadget? Are you worried your dad might find it just a bit too practical, and not quite ridiculous enough? Boy have we got the gift for you! The “Cruzin Cooler” doubles as a fully functional electric scooter and a 24x17x18 cooler. Pretty much the ultimate accessory for cruising down the boardwalk, unless you value your dignity.
Unforunately, even the highest-powered version will only accommodate a rider up to 250 lbs. Sorry fluffy pops!



If you can think of any other great unique gifts let us know in the comments below!