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    Electric Scooter Cooler

    The ultimate tool for cruising around on a hot summer day! Now you can bring cold drinks with you as you breeze along effortlessly on this electric scooter. Not only does it look awesome and hilarious, it’s actually pretty useful too. If you want a more rugged version, check out the gas motorized...

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    Electric Folding Bicycle

    Bike lovers will love this all-round electric foldable bicycle by Cyclamatic. If you wanna burn calories, use it as a conventional bike and pedal away. But if you’re a bit lazy, go on assistance mode where you initiate the pedaling and the machine will cover more ground as you continue cycling. On days where you don’t wanna break a sweat en route to work, the battery-operated motor propels the machine to traveling at speeds of 15-20mph. The foldability feature of the bike makes it possible to carry it into a bus/train (even a cab!) and to tuck in a corner of the...

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    Wheelman Motorized Skateboard

    The Wheelman 50cc gas skateboard is finally bringing skating into the 21st century. Rides smoothly on all terrains (including grass, sand, and dirt) at speeds up to...

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