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    RC Scale Model Airbus

    Have you always dreamed of being a commercial airline pilot? Now you can live a much more realistic dream with this scale model remote controlled Airbus. Best of all you don’t need to go through the trouble of actually getting a pilots license, and when you inevitably descend into a deadly tailspin there won’t be hundreds of annoying passengers screaming and begging for their...

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    Remote Control Helicopter Car

    This cool toy makes a great gift for your kids, or for anyone who’s a kid at heart. Not only can the top part detach from the wheels and become a fully functioning helicopter, it even has fireable missiles built...

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    iPhone/iPad Controlled Spy Tank

    If you’re anything like me, one of your childhood fantasies was to attach a recording device to one of your remote controlled toys and use it to explore. Nowadays this fantasy is becoming a reality with cool recording toys like this one, which you can even control right from your phone. I can’t wait to see how far this kind of technology has come in a few...

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    Online Poker Remote Control

    Do you love to play online poker, but hate sitting hunched over your keyboard for hours at a time? Now there’s finally a solution! Sit back, relax, and dominate your opponents with the same ease that you flip through channels on the...

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    Remote Controlled Bird

    Unlike Nelly Furtado, my blue bird is not flying away. It knows where its home is – with me and my remote control! I direct wherever my winged little mechanical friend goes. When it gets tired from non-stop flying for some time, I’ll motion it to come back home to rest (radio control charges it) so it can soar...

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    Smartphone Controlled Drone

    Now you can have the same technology the government is using to spy on all of us, right on your smartphone! The Parrot AR Drone streams 720p high-definition live video as you hover around, allowing you to fly well beyond your own line of sight and find out what all your neighbors are doing in the privacy of their own backyards. Isn’t there some kind of law against this...

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    Amphibious Beer Delivering Vehicle

    Having a pool party? Pass beers to your guests and impress them with this remote-controlled amphibious beer delivery vehicle. The 4-wheeled battery-operated robot travels on both land and water (yes, water as it transforms into a boat with just one click!) and can deliver up to 4 cups/cans/bottles of your choice drink. If anyone stands in the way or gets “too happy”, you can use the attached water cannon to blast them...

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