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    Doggie Treadmill

    Do you want to have a happy and healthy pet but you’re too lazy to take them for a walk twice a day? Now there’s an incredibly cute solution! The Petrun Treadmill allows you to give them a great workout while you sit on your butt watching...

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    GPS Pet Tracker

    Do you love your furry family more than life itself? Now you can make sure they’re always safe with the Tagg GPS Pet Tracker. With features including text and email alerts, a smartphone app, and proactive health monitoring charts, this is truly an essential tool for ensuring the well-being of your non-human...

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    USB Desktop Aquarium

    Keeping a tight schedule makes it hard to have pets, but the USB Desktop Aquarium makes it easy to have it all. ┬áThe aquarium is an ideal display on your bedside table or office desk as it has an alarm clock (also shows date and temperature, and has snooze and timer functions) and a pen holder on the right side, and an overhead changing-light LED to light up the fish tank. That way, you can keep watch over your little aquatic friends while you’re toiling...

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    Pest Control Sprinkler

    “I don’t have pets so why do I have some animal’s poo in my garden everyday?!” If you find yourself asking this question, now is the time to protect your prized green property from animal intruders with the scarecrow motion-activated sprinkler. If an animal is detected within a 1000 sq. ft. protected area at any time of the day, the scarecrow will unexpectedly move and make noise as it sprays the intruder away. The traumatic experience will linger in the creature’s mind for the rest of its life! Mwahahaha! Well not really, it’ll just teach the pest to not mess with your precious garden any...

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    Laser Cat Toy

    Using laser pointers to mess with your cats is basically the equivalent of playing fetch with a dog. Now you can take this activity to a whole new level with the FroliCat Interactive Laser Pet Toy. Watch with glee as your cat jumps and swats at the laser, while you sit back and stroke your...

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