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    Back Massaging Robot

    Who doesn’t love a good massage? Unfortunately, not everyone has the money to keep a personal masseuse around all the time. Luckily, that’s where robots come in! Although this back massaging robot may be a far cry from a robotic slave that can cater to your every whim, it’s not a bad...

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    Electronic Neck Massager

    If you get neck pain or headaches, then this is the perfect gadget for you! Lay back and relax, and let the latest in massage technology rub your stress away. Features 6 different massage types, 16 intensity levels, an easy to use remote control, and much...

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    Robot Vacuum Cleaner

    Now you can fire your maid along with your poolboy! This amazing automated cleaner will remove 98% of dirt, dust, and pet hair, all at the touch of a button. If you’re sensitive to dust and lazy like I am, it might actually be worth getting this thing, even with the hefty price...

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    Skin Renewing Laser

    Give the dermatologists a run for their money with PaloVia’s skin renewing laser. This device can be used at home to secretly zap away the fine lines and wrinkles that have formed around your eyes. If treatment is done consistently, people will start becoming suspicious about why your face doesn’t seem to be...

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    Inflatable Wall Climbing Iceberg

    It may not be big enough to sink the Titanic, but it is durable enough to carry you and all of your friends as you climb and slide all over it. Put it in your pool (if it’s big enough) or in a lake and experience a whole new level of aquatic...

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    Acoustic Immersion Pod

    Experience the sound quality of a professional recording studio with the Acoustic Immersion Pod. Now you can truly feel like you’re part of the action while watching sporting events, playing games, or watching...

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    Coffee Table Touchscreen Computer

    Electronic tabletop games are now made possible via a wooden Coffee Table Touchscreen Computer. It functions like a non-portable giant tablet (32″) with an anti-glare LCD screen but let’s not forget that it also operates as a super cool mini waterproof (splash and spill away!) desk by supporting drinks, remote controls, books, and other whatnots as you play. Specs-wise, it’s nothing special but decent enough as it’s equipped with Windows 8 OS, Intel Core i5 3.2 GHz processor, 6 GB memory, 500 GB hard drive, and has WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. There are 4 USB ports, a DVI port, an audio-out port, and microphone ports and plugs into AC. Wireless keyboard and mouse are...

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    Inflatable Hot Tub

    Have a family thermal therapy session anytime and anywhere with the inflatable portable hot tub spa. In the convenience of your own backyard, basement, garage, or even living room, you and your loved ones (up to four adults) can enjoy the relaxing experience of an easy-to-use massaging bubble system. Simply blow it up (it inflates in minutes!), fill it up (with water using a garden hose), turn it up (heater), and you’re all good to...

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