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    Smart Fork

    Do you feel like your forks are always watching you, silently judging your eating habits as you descend into morbid obesity? Now you can make your schizophrenic delusions come true with the Hapifork Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Fork! This nifty utensil will tell you to slow down if you’re gulfing down your food too fast, and will even link up with your smartphone or computer to give you detailed stats about your eating...

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    Electric Folding Bicycle

    Bike lovers will love this all-round electric foldable bicycle by Cyclamatic. If you wanna burn calories, use it as a conventional bike and pedal away. But if you’re a bit lazy, go on assistance mode where you initiate the pedaling and the machine will cover more ground as you continue cycling. On days where you don’t wanna break a sweat en route to work, the battery-operated motor propels the machine to traveling at speeds of 15-20mph. The foldability feature of the bike makes it possible to carry it into a bus/train (even a cab!) and to tuck in a corner of the...

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    Weight Management Armband

    You don’t have to be on The Biggest Loser to be challenged to drop the pounds – with the BodyMedia LINK Armband, your calories are kept track of ’round the clock! So if you’re wondering why you’re still not losing the desired weight, your calorie counting friend will not hesitate to break it down for you (the device gives info on calories burned, food taken if logged, steps taken, activity levels, and sleep quality). It’s hard to argue with something that was validated to have over 90%...

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    Cordless Jump Rope

    Love skipping ropes but hate tripping when your foot gets caught in the string? The Digital Cordless Jumping Rope is just what you need because there’s no rope to make you stumble or to break the precious things around you. Better yet, it has a timer and it keeps tab of the number of jumps you’ve made (no more counting) and the calories you’ve shed. If you’re clumsy and you live in a tight space, this is the workout tool for...

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    Elliptical Machine Office Desk

    Our sedentary work has rewarded us with bulges on our waists, but do our love handles really make us feel more lovable? For better confidence, go for a more active work setup with an elliptical machine office desk set. This semi-recumbent elliptical trainer burns calories while you work (an average workout-worker can burn about 4,000 calories in a regular workweek!). It also allows you to switch to a standing position with its desk height adjustment at the press of a button. To keep track of your exercise-while-on-the-job progress, the 4×6 LED screen performance monitor shows you the calories burned, distance, watts, and rpm and it stores up to 30 individuals’ information. Unfortunately, the machine...

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