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    Electric Scooter Cooler

    The ultimate tool for cruising around on a hot summer day! Now you can bring cold drinks with you as you breeze along effortlessly on this electric scooter. Not only does it look awesome and hilarious, it’s actually pretty useful too. If you want a more rugged version, check out the gas motorized...

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    Beer Making Machine

    Why waste your money on cheap watered-down beer from the supermarket? With The Beer Machine Model 2000, you can have your own personal brewery right on your kitchen...

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    Drink Dispensing Backpack

    Did your mother stop breastfeeding you too early, resulting in a trauma that manifests itself in your constant need for attention and an insatiable oral fixation? Now you can always be the life of the party, and have total and constant control over what goes into other people’s mouths. That’ll show her… That’ll show ALL of...

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