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    Doggie Treadmill

    Do you want to have a happy and healthy pet but you’re too lazy to take them for a walk twice a day? Now there’s an incredibly cute solution! The Petrun Treadmill allows you to give them a great workout while you sit on your butt watching...

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    iPad Electric Guitar

    Turn your iPad or other apple device into a real fully functional electric guitar! Combine this with our mini desktop drum set and you could form possibly the weirdest band...

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    Beer Making Machine

    Why waste your money on cheap watered-down beer from the supermarket? With The Beer Machine Model 2000, you can have your own personal brewery right on your kitchen...

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    Temperature Adjusting Mattress Pad

    Do you and your partner have completely different temperature preferences? Now you can both have it your own way with the ChiliPad Cooling/Heating Mattress Pad. It will even help you save on your energy bill because you won’t have to use your air conditioner or radiator...

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    iPhone/iPad Controlled Spy Tank

    If you’re anything like me, one of your childhood fantasies was to attach a recording device to one of your remote controlled toys and use it to explore. Nowadays this fantasy is becoming a reality with cool recording toys like this one, which you can even control right from your phone. I can’t wait to see how far this kind of technology has come in a few...

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    Online Poker Remote Control

    Do you love to play online poker, but hate sitting hunched over your keyboard for hours at a time? Now there’s finally a solution! Sit back, relax, and dominate your opponents with the same ease that you flip through channels on the...

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    Electrotherapy Pain Reliever

    Everyone experiences pain – it’s one of those universal things in life that define our existence, like dreaming or Breaking Bad.  Luckily though, modern technology is starting to turn the tide against the agony of aches and strains. Products like the Omron ElectroTherapy Pain Relief Device now allow you to attack the misery at its source (your nerves), leaving you pain-free in record time. Next step, get one of these babies implanted in your...

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    Lost Item Locator

    How much time do you waste looking for your misplaced keys, wallet, or cellphone? If you’re someone whose mind is contantly too pre-occupied to keep tab of these then the Item Finder should be your new widget buddy. It has 4 receivers you can attach to small objects that are frequently misplaced or lost and a radio transmitter to locate them. The beeping sound of the receivers attached to the items will give you sighs of relief ‘coz important little things that are easily lost can now be easily...

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    Showerhead Speaker

    Do you like to sing in the shower? Now you can take it to the next level with tunes blasting straight out of your showerhead! Easily controlled by any Bluetooth-enabled...

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    Full Body Pillow

    Do you ever wake up with aches and pains? Now you can feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud with the Comfort-U Total Body Pillow. This awesome pillow allows you to sleep in any position you want, while supporting every part of your body and keeping it in perfect...

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    Electric Folding Bicycle

    Bike lovers will love this all-round electric foldable bicycle by Cyclamatic. If you wanna burn calories, use it as a conventional bike and pedal away. But if you’re a bit lazy, go on assistance mode where you initiate the pedaling and the machine will cover more ground as you continue cycling. On days where you don’t wanna break a sweat en route to work, the battery-operated motor propels the machine to traveling at speeds of 15-20mph. The foldability feature of the bike makes it possible to carry it into a bus/train (even a cab!) and to tuck in a corner of the...

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    Keychain Breathalyzer

    Now you can always keep track of your blood alcohol level with this tiny portable breathalyzer. Find out which of your friends is the drunkest, and who’s been drinking virgin pina coladas all night. Best of all, you can make sure you never drive over the legal limit...

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    Laser Projection Keyboard

    The incredible Magic Cube uses lasers to project a fully functional keyboard and mouse directly onto your desktop or any other surface. It’s BlueTooth compatible, small and portable,  and perfect for writing long messages on your smartphone or iPad. Experience the keyboard of the future...

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    iPhone Projector Sleeve

    Now you can share videos and pictures wherever you go with the iPhone Projector Sleeve. Use it to make presentations, share photos from your latest trip, or just watch movies with your friends. All you need is your iPhone and a...

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    Color Changing Egg Timer

    I like my eggs boiled. Don’t you? My problem is that I just don’t know when the best time is to get them from the pot of boiling water. If I take the out them too early, they’ll still be mostly liquid inside. If I pull them out too late, they will crack and water will seep in. I was delighted to discover a spot-on solution to this – the Norpro Egg Rite Egg Timer. It’s a red egg-shaped timer that reacts to heat like ordinary eggs do and darkens when heat increases. The gauge will show the cooking stages by temperature, not by time (which is a common misconception). So no more guesstimations...

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    Stereo Pillow Speaker

    Trouble sleeping? Beat insomnia with relaxing music played from Pillowsonic’s Stereo Pillow speaker. Insert the flat Speaker into your pillowcase then play soothing music without the discomfort of earplugs. It sends you straight to la-la land while not disturbing others (for private listening only). You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and relieved from...

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    Washable Keyboard

    “Dammit! I accidentally spilled water all over my keyboard!” “Ewww!! Someone’s used my computer with their oily hands and left food bits between the keys. Arrggghh!!” Logitech understands that sh*t happens to everyone so they came up with a solution: The Washable Keyboard. Worry no more as spills, dirt, dust, etc. can now be washed away. Keyboard is built with ultra-durable laser printed/UV coated keys to take years of regular use and frequent washing. Looks like Logitech just gave us another reason to remain...

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    iPad Arcade Cabinet

    Turn your iPad into an authentic retro arcade experience with the ION iCade add-on. Features full-sized controls and a high-quality...

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    Weight Management Armband

    You don’t have to be on The Biggest Loser to be challenged to drop the pounds – with the BodyMedia LINK Armband, your calories are kept track of ’round the clock! So if you’re wondering why you’re still not losing the desired weight, your calorie counting friend will not hesitate to break it down for you (the device gives info on calories burned, food taken if logged, steps taken, activity levels, and sleep quality). It’s hard to argue with something that was validated to have over 90%...

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    Remote Controlled Bird

    Unlike Nelly Furtado, my blue bird is not flying away. It knows where its home is – with me and my remote control! I direct wherever my winged little mechanical friend goes. When it gets tired from non-stop flying for some time, I’ll motion it to come back home to rest (radio control charges it) so it can soar...

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    Solar Powered Speakers

    Party outdoors to your favorite tunes till sundown with the portable wireless solar-powered speaker. Using your bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can define your song list without having to get up to change the track. When your mobile device battery gets low from calling friends to join in the fun, the sun-charged sound system is your savior as it can also charge your...

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    Runaway Alarm Clock

    Having trouble waking up in the morning? Tend to press the snooze button a few too many times? We have the solution for you! The Clocky Runaway Alarm Clock will make sure you get those juices flowing in the morning. By the time you find out where the clock has ran off to, you’ll be half-awake already and ready to start your...

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    The Ultimate Retro Console

    Ah, the good old days. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you’re sitting in a small room staring at a glowing box for hours on end. Now you can relive those glory days with the Retron 3, an incredible retro gaming device which is fully compatible with Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Sega...

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    Ostrich Pillow

    We all know that a power nap is refreshing, but once you lay your head down on a hard desk or against a wall it starts to feel like more of a pain than a brief moment of heaven. Fix this dilemma with an Ostrich Pillow! Sure it looks pretty ridiculous with its weird shape and its 3 holes (one for breathing through the nose and mouth, and two for warming the hands) but once you slip it on, your mind can be at ease as you sleep in comfort anytime and anywhere. Just don’t let your boss catch you dozing off in this! Note: Stuffing is made out of synthetic material, not Ostrich feathers,...

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