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    RC Scale Model Airbus

    Have you always dreamed of being a commercial airline pilot? Now you can live a much more realistic dream with this scale model remote controlled Airbus. Best of all you don’t need to go through the trouble of actually getting a pilots license, and when you inevitably descend into a deadly tailspin there won’t be hundreds of annoying passengers screaming and begging for their...

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    Electric Scooter Cooler

    The ultimate tool for cruising around on a hot summer day! Now you can bring cold drinks with you as you breeze along effortlessly on this electric scooter. Not only does it look awesome and hilarious, it’s actually pretty useful too. If you want a more rugged version, check out the gas motorized...

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    $149.99 $39.95

    iPad Electric Guitar

    Turn your iPad or other apple device into a real fully functional electric guitar! Combine this with our mini desktop drum set and you could form possibly the weirdest band...

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    Back Massaging Robot

    Who doesn’t love a good massage? Unfortunately, not everyone has the money to keep a personal masseuse around all the time. Luckily, that’s where robots come in! Although this back massaging robot may be a far cry from a robotic slave that can cater to your every whim, it’s not a bad...

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    $112.00 $85.89

    Beer Making Machine

    Why waste your money on cheap watered-down beer from the supermarket? With The Beer Machine Model 2000, you can have your own personal brewery right on your kitchen...

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    Showerhead Speaker

    Do you like to sing in the shower? Now you can take it to the next level with tunes blasting straight out of your showerhead! Easily controlled by any Bluetooth-enabled...

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    Inflatable Floating Movie Screen

    Take your movie night to the next level! Set up your own home movie theater in your pool or backyard with this 110 inch inflatable movie...

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    $1,900.00 $699.99

    Electric Folding Bicycle

    Bike lovers will love this all-round electric foldable bicycle by Cyclamatic. If you wanna burn calories, use it as a conventional bike and pedal away. But if you’re a bit lazy, go on assistance mode where you initiate the pedaling and the machine will cover more ground as you continue cycling. On days where you don’t wanna break a sweat en route to work, the battery-operated motor propels the machine to traveling at speeds of 15-20mph. The foldability feature of the bike makes it possible to carry it into a bus/train (even a cab!) and to tuck in a corner of the...

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    Laser Projection Keyboard

    The incredible Magic Cube uses lasers to project a fully functional keyboard and mouse directly onto your desktop or any other surface. It’s BlueTooth compatible, small and portable,  and perfect for writing long messages on your smartphone or iPad. Experience the keyboard of the future...

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    Brainwave Controlled Headband

    One of the weirdest and most futuristic things to come out of Japan recently, the Neocomi brainwave controlled headband has ears that actually adjust according to your emotions. Buy this for your wife or girlfriend and you’ll never get in trouble for misinterpreting her feelings again! Amazon description: “move in commodity EEG was super topic in a smile super conference, Mimi the cat. necomimi is an extension organ you can catch an EEG of you, to express words faster than your condition. If you grab a sense, the movement of the ear can be controlled by brain waves. I is transmitted the feeling of movement in the ear. Technology has come true, I am...

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    Movie Theatre Glasses

    Get the full movie theatre experience while looking like Cyclops from X-Men or a Cylon from Battlestar Galactica! Gives the experience of a 52-inch screen, with earbuds attached and a fitted eyepatch for maximum...

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    Racing Simulator

    With the full immersion racing simulator and game theatre, you can be a professional F1 driver. Plug the machine into a large HDMI screen for great visual coverage. Hear your racecar zoom around the track with its 4 speakers. Feel your body rattle as you speed up on rough terrain with the vibration transducer. Best of all, having  5-way adjustable cockpit seating allows you to race in comfort! “So F1 racers, watch out ‘coz I’mma beat you all to the finish line!” Oh, did I mention you can be a pilot too? You can switch to flight (simulation) mode in an...

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    Smartphone Controlled Drone

    Now you can have the same technology the government is using to spy on all of us, right on your smartphone! The Parrot AR Drone streams 720p high-definition live video as you hover around, allowing you to fly well beyond your own line of sight and find out what all your neighbors are doing in the privacy of their own backyards. Isn’t there some kind of law against this...

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    Acoustic Immersion Pod

    Experience the sound quality of a professional recording studio with the Acoustic Immersion Pod. Now you can truly feel like you’re part of the action while watching sporting events, playing games, or watching...

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    Wheelman Motorized Skateboard

    The Wheelman 50cc gas skateboard is finally bringing skating into the 21st century. Rides smoothly on all terrains (including grass, sand, and dirt) at speeds up to...

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    Flashforge 3D Printer

    Have the power to create whatever you want from your home or your office using this 3D printer. Various solid objects from product prototypes to kitchenware to cellphone cases to ladies’ accessories (use your imagination!) can be manufactured with this fascinating equipment. Just think of the possibilities. You can print out a customized and personalized gift to someone you love, make a business out of something you uniquely designed and solely produce, and create anything you want for your own use (so long as it’s not bigger than the printer). The 3D printer is now available to the consumer market and it’s going to shift the economies of the world! Whew! Flashforge 3D printer...

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    Coffee Table Touchscreen Computer

    Electronic tabletop games are now made possible via a wooden Coffee Table Touchscreen Computer. It functions like a non-portable giant tablet (32″) with an anti-glare LCD screen but let’s not forget that it also operates as a super cool mini waterproof (splash and spill away!) desk by supporting drinks, remote controls, books, and other whatnots as you play. Specs-wise, it’s nothing special but decent enough as it’s equipped with Windows 8 OS, Intel Core i5 3.2 GHz processor, 6 GB memory, 500 GB hard drive, and has WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. There are 4 USB ports, a DVI port, an audio-out port, and microphone ports and plugs into AC. Wireless keyboard and mouse are...

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    Inflatable Hot Tub

    Have a family thermal therapy session anytime and anywhere with the inflatable portable hot tub spa. In the convenience of your own backyard, basement, garage, or even living room, you and your loved ones (up to four adults) can enjoy the relaxing experience of an easy-to-use massaging bubble system. Simply blow it up (it inflates in minutes!), fill it up (with water using a garden hose), turn it up (heater), and you’re all good to...

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    Amphibious Beer Delivering Vehicle

    Having a pool party? Pass beers to your guests and impress them with this remote-controlled amphibious beer delivery vehicle. The 4-wheeled battery-operated robot travels on both land and water (yes, water as it transforms into a boat with just one click!) and can deliver up to 4 cups/cans/bottles of your choice drink. If anyone stands in the way or gets “too happy”, you can use the attached water cannon to blast them...

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