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    iPhone Pinball Machine

    Who says high-tech stuff can’t also be retro? Turn your iPhone into a fully functional pinball machine with this sweet...

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    $149.99 $39.95

    iPad Electric Guitar

    Turn your iPad or other apple device into a real fully functional electric guitar! Combine this with our mini desktop drum set and you could form possibly the weirdest band...

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    USB Airplane Fan

    This is the cutest and easiest way to keep cool while using your laptop. Just plug it in to your USB port, adjust it so it’s facing you, and switch it on! It’s small enough to easily carry in your pocket, but powerful enough to provide a nice refreshing...

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    iPhone Zooming Lens w/Tripod

    Do you love long-distance photography, but don’t want to lug a big expensive camera around with you? Now you can just use your iPhone instead with this 12x magnifying telephoto lens. Comes with a mini tripod so you can keep your hands steady while capturing that perfect...

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    Tiny USB Fridge

    This diminutive fridge attaches right to your computers USB port so you always have a cool drink ready. Use it to make sure you never go thirsty during an epic gaming session, or to make your office just a little bit more...

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    $59.95 $33.95

    Lost Item Locator

    How much time do you waste looking for your misplaced keys, wallet, or cellphone? If you’re someone whose mind is contantly too pre-occupied to keep tab of these then the Item Finder should be your new widget buddy. It has 4 receivers you can attach to small objects that are frequently misplaced or lost and a radio transmitter to locate them. The beeping sound of the receivers attached to the items will give you sighs of relief ‘coz important little things that are easily lost can now be easily...

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    $39.99 $29.99

    Keychain Breathalyzer

    Now you can always keep track of your blood alcohol level with this tiny portable breathalyzer. Find out which of your friends is the drunkest, and who’s been drinking virgin pina coladas all night. Best of all, you can make sure you never drive over the legal limit...

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    $199.00 $129.95

    Laser Projection Keyboard

    The incredible Magic Cube uses lasers to project a fully functional keyboard and mouse directly onto your desktop or any other surface. It’s BlueTooth compatible, small and portable,  and perfect for writing long messages on your smartphone or iPad. Experience the keyboard of the future...

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    $229.99 $99.97

    iPhone Projector Sleeve

    Now you can share videos and pictures wherever you go with the iPhone Projector Sleeve. Use it to make presentations, share photos from your latest trip, or just watch movies with your friends. All you need is your iPhone and a...

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    GPS Pet Tracker

    Do you love your furry family more than life itself? Now you can make sure they’re always safe with the Tagg GPS Pet Tracker. With features including text and email alerts, a smartphone app, and proactive health monitoring charts, this is truly an essential tool for ensuring the well-being of your non-human...

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    $39.99 $29.70

    Washable Keyboard

    “Dammit! I accidentally spilled water all over my keyboard!” “Ewww!! Someone’s used my computer with their oily hands and left food bits between the keys. Arrggghh!!” Logitech understands that sh*t happens to everyone so they came up with a solution: The Washable Keyboard. Worry no more as spills, dirt, dust, etc. can now be washed away. Keyboard is built with ultra-durable laser printed/UV coated keys to take years of regular use and frequent washing. Looks like Logitech just gave us another reason to remain...

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    Android Smartphone Mobile Printer

    The LG Pocket Photo PD221 Mini Printer is the “cellphone photographer’s” answer to the old Polaroids. Folks who enjoy snapping pictures using their Android phone’s camera and editing them can bluetooth the finished product to the portable device for instant photo printing. The photo output fits well inside a wallet to easily keep good...

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    $19.95 $17.14

    USB Rechargeable Battery

    Tired of always having to buy new AA batteries used by most of your home electronics and small appliances? USBCELL’s rechargeable AA batteries will not only save you the hassle of going out but also saves your money from being spent on an infinite number of disposable batteries that wear out easily. To recharge the super batteries, simply plug into any USB...

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    $129.99 $44.95

    iPad Arcade Cabinet

    Turn your iPad into an authentic retro arcade experience with the ION iCade add-on. Features full-sized controls and a high-quality...

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    Toothbrush Sanitizer

    Do you just leave your toothbrush laying around after using it, allowing it to fester with germs for hours at a time before you put it back in your mouth again? Now there’s a better way! The ZAPI toothbrush sanitizer uses ultraviolet rays to kill 99.9% of the germs on your brush,  and also responds to touch and looks like a cute little...

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    N64 Controller For PC

    Everyone knows that the N64 controller was the best of all time. Now you can play all of your old favorites on your PC or Mac using an emulator and this awesome device which connects to your USB...

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    Smartphone Fan

    Do you own a smart phone? Do you also live on a portion of the earth that occasionally gets hot? If so, today is your lucky day. Feel the cool breeze caressing your face and know that you truly are living at the apex of civilization. Available in multiple colors so you can chill out in...

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