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$59.95 $33.95 Lost Item Locator

Lost Item Locator

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$199.00 $149.25 Showerhead Speaker

Showerhead Speaker

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$134.00 $97.95 Full Body Pillow

Full Body Pillow

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$1,900.00 $699.99 Electric Folding Bicycle

Electric Folding Bicycle

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$39.99 $29.99 Keychain Breathalyzer

Keychain Breathalyzer

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$199.00 $129.95 Laser Projection Keyboard

Laser Projection Keyboard

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$229.99 $99.97 iPhone Projector Sleeve

iPhone Projector Sleeve

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$799.99 $699.99

Pool Cleaning Robot

It’s the 21st century, shouldn’t all menial labor be done by robots by now? Get rid of that hunky poolboy your wife’s been ogling and pick up the Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool...

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Movie Theatre Glasses

Get the full movie theatre experience while looking like Cyclops from X-Men or a Cylon from Battlestar Galactica! Gives the experience of a 52-inch screen, with earbuds attached and a fitted eyepatch for maximum...

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N64 Controller For PC

Everyone knows that the N64 controller was the best of all time. Now you can play all of your old favorites on your PC or Mac using an emulator and this awesome device which connects to your USB...

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Miniature Ballista

Now you can act out your sadistic medieval fantasies, while simultaneously annoying the hell out of your coworkers. The Miniature Ballista Kit comes with everything you need to create a tiny version of the ancient Roman Ballista, which can fire up to 30...

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Pest Control Sprinkler

“I don’t have pets so why do I have some animal’s poo in my garden everyday?!” If you find yourself asking this question, now is the time to protect your prized green property from animal intruders with the scarecrow motion-activated sprinkler. If an animal is detected within a 1000 sq. ft. protected area at any time of the day, the scarecrow will unexpectedly move and make noise as it sprays the intruder away. The traumatic experience will linger in the creature’s mind for the rest of its life! Mwahahaha! Well not really, it’ll just teach the pest to not mess with your precious garden any...

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$149.99 $104.99

Solar Powered Speakers

Party outdoors to your favorite tunes till sundown with the portable wireless solar-powered speaker. Using your bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can define your song list without having to get up to change the track. When your mobile device battery gets low from calling friends to join in the fun, the sun-charged sound system is your savior as it can also charge your...

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Racing Simulator

With the full immersion racing simulator and game theatre, you can be a professional F1 driver. Plug the machine into a large HDMI screen for great visual coverage. Hear your racecar zoom around the track with its 4 speakers. Feel your body rattle as you speed up on rough terrain with the vibration transducer. Best of all, having  5-way adjustable cockpit seating allows you to race in comfort! “So F1 racers, watch out ‘coz I’mma beat you all to the finish line!” Oh, did I mention you can be a pilot too? You can switch to flight (simulation) mode in an...

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$49.99 $35.80

Runaway Alarm Clock

Having trouble waking up in the morning? Tend to press the snooze button a few too many times? We have the solution for you! The Clocky Runaway Alarm Clock will make sure you get those juices flowing in the morning. By the time you find out where the clock has ran off to, you’ll be half-awake already and ready to start your...

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Acoustic Immersion Pod

Experience the sound quality of a professional recording studio with the Acoustic Immersion Pod. Now you can truly feel like you’re part of the action while watching sporting events, playing games, or watching...

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Laser Cat Toy

Using laser pointers to mess with your cats is basically the equivalent of playing fetch with a dog. Now you can take this activity to a whole new level with the FroliCat Interactive Laser Pet Toy. Watch with glee as your cat jumps and swats at the laser, while you sit back and stroke your...

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Wheelman Motorized Skateboard

The Wheelman 50cc gas skateboard is finally bringing skating into the 21st century. Rides smoothly on all terrains (including grass, sand, and dirt) at speeds up to...

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Cordless Jump Rope

Love skipping ropes but hate tripping when your foot gets caught in the string? The Digital Cordless Jumping Rope is just what you need because there’s no rope to make you stumble or to break the precious things around you. Better yet, it has a timer and it keeps tab of the number of jumps you’ve made (no more counting) and the calories you’ve shed. If you’re clumsy and you live in a tight space, this is the workout tool for...

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Flashforge 3D Printer

Have the power to create whatever you want from your home or your office using this 3D printer. Various solid objects from product prototypes to kitchenware to cellphone cases to ladies’ accessories (use your imagination!) can be manufactured with this fascinating equipment. Just think of the possibilities. You can print out a customized and personalized gift to someone you love, make a business out of something you uniquely designed and solely produce, and create anything you want for your own use (so long as it’s not bigger than the printer). The 3D printer is now available to the consumer market and it’s going to shift the economies of the world! Whew! Flashforge 3D printer...

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Smartphone Fan

Do you own a smart phone? Do you also live on a portion of the earth that occasionally gets hot? If so, today is your lucky day. Feel the cool breeze caressing your face and know that you truly are living at the apex of civilization. Available in multiple colors so you can chill out in...

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Coffee Table Touchscreen Computer

Electronic tabletop games are now made possible via a wooden Coffee Table Touchscreen Computer. It functions like a non-portable giant tablet (32″) with an anti-glare LCD screen but let’s not forget that it also operates as a super cool mini waterproof (splash and spill away!) desk by supporting drinks, remote controls, books, and other whatnots as you play. Specs-wise, it’s nothing special but decent enough as it’s equipped with Windows 8 OS, Intel Core i5 3.2 GHz processor, 6 GB memory, 500 GB hard drive, and has WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. There are 4 USB ports, a DVI port, an audio-out port, and microphone ports and plugs into AC. Wireless keyboard and mouse are...

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Elliptical Machine Office Desk

Our sedentary work has rewarded us with bulges on our waists, but do our love handles really make us feel more lovable? For better confidence, go for a more active work setup with an elliptical machine office desk set. This semi-recumbent elliptical trainer burns calories while you work (an average workout-worker can burn about 4,000 calories in a regular workweek!). It also allows you to switch to a standing position with its desk height adjustment at the press of a button. To keep track of your exercise-while-on-the-job progress, the 4×6 LED screen performance monitor shows you the calories burned, distance, watts, and rpm and it stores up to 30 individuals’ information. Unfortunately, the machine...

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$69.99 $52.22

The Ultimate Retro Console

Ah, the good old days. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you’re sitting in a small room staring at a glowing box for hours on end. Now you can relive those glory days with the Retron 3, an incredible retro gaming device which is fully compatible with Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Sega...

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Desktop Drum Set

Are you a frustrated drummer who’s settling with some boring 9-5 job? You can still tap that rockstar in you while you’re at work with this portable drum set. It’s small enough to fit on your desk and it looks and sounds like the regular-sized one. The miniature classic set comes with two snare drums, a tom-tom drum, a crash cymbal and two plastic drumsticks. Now turn your office into a jamming studio and bang your blues and boredom...

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$24.99 $16.88

Ostrich Pillow

We all know that a power nap is refreshing, but once you lay your head down on a hard desk or against a wall it starts to feel like more of a pain than a brief moment of heaven. Fix this dilemma with an Ostrich Pillow! Sure it looks pretty ridiculous with its weird shape and its 3 holes (one for breathing through the nose and mouth, and two for warming the hands) but once you slip it on, your mind can be at ease as you sleep in comfort anytime and anywhere. Just don’t let your boss catch you dozing off in this! Note: Stuffing is made out of synthetic material, not Ostrich feathers,...

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Amphibious Beer Delivering Vehicle

Having a pool party? Pass beers to your guests and impress them with this remote-controlled amphibious beer delivery vehicle. The 4-wheeled battery-operated robot travels on both land and water (yes, water as it transforms into a boat with just one click!) and can deliver up to 4 cups/cans/bottles of your choice drink. If anyone stands in the way or gets “too happy”, you can use the attached water cannon to blast them...

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