Elliptical Machine Office Desk


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Our sedentary work has rewarded us with bulges on our waists, but do our love handles really make us feel more lovable? For better confidence, go for a more active work setup with an elliptical machine office desk set. This semi-recumbent elliptical trainer burns calories while you work (an average workout-worker can burn about 4,000 calories in a regular workweek!). It also allows you to switch to a standing position with its desk height adjustment at the press of a button. To keep track of your exercise-while-on-the-job progress, the 4×6 LED screen performance monitor shows you the calories burned, distance, watts, and rpm and it stores up to 30 individuals’ information. Unfortunately, the machine only wants to help users with a height of  5’2 to 6’9 weighing up to 300 lbs 🙁