Brainwave Controlled Headband


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One of the weirdest and most futuristic things to come out of Japan recently, the Neocomi brainwave controlled headband has ears that actually adjust according to your emotions. Buy this for your wife or girlfriend and you’ll never get in trouble for misinterpreting her feelings again!

Amazon description: “move in commodity EEG was super topic in a smile super conference, Mimi the cat. necomimi is an extension organ you can catch an EEG of you, to express words faster than your condition. If you grab a sense, the movement of the ear can be controlled by brain waves. I is transmitted the feeling of movement in the ear. Technology has come true, I am pretty, It is the form of the new little communication. Target age: 4 AAA alkaline batteries (not included) Product Warranty: 14 years of age or older Use battery to the product of 90 days This, maker certificate is not attached in the policy maker, but 90 days guarantee is.”