8 Smartphone Gadgets That Do Amazing Things


Personally, I can’t wait until the day when everything we own is linked up to one device. Some people might be freaked out by this prospect and the fact that losing one thing could render them helpless, but I think it would actually lead to people becoming much less forgetful. Never mind the fact that by then the device would probably be surgically inserted into your arm.

Until that time comes, here are some incredible things you can already do with your smartphone:


1) Accept credit card payments

With the Square Reader you can easily turn your smartphone into a mobile credit card payment system. This incredibly useful little device is well on its way to making those clunky credit card readers a thing of the past.













2) Control your car

While using your smartphone to drive is still only possible for RC cars (and tanks, and drones), it’s still possible to link your car up to your phone in other ways. The Viper SmartStart will let you lock and unlock your doors and trunk, start your car, and check on its location.

3) Protect your home

The Canary is a device that hooks up to your smart phone and tracks motion, temperature, and air quality in your home. If anything goes wrong, it will alert you on your smartphone, no matter where you are!

4) Copy a color

The Nix Color Sensor is a gadget that allows you to scan a color in real life and immediately view it on your Smartphone.



5) Lock your home, and bike

A while back I featured a lock for your home that was controlled by your smartphone. It allowed you to lock/unlock your door remotely and share this ability easily with whoever you wanted. Now I noticed that there’s something similar in the works on Kickstarter for your bike, that seems to have even more cool features and possible uses.

6) Make a Beer

The Brewbot allows you to control a home brewing machine with your smartphone. It’s basically a wet dream for techies who also love craft beer.

7) Detect fish underwater

Yes, this thing will actually allow you to see where the fish are in a body of water. I would imagine that it’s pretty much the ultimate device for all the lazy fishermen out there.
















8) Know when to water your plants

The Fliwir uses smart sensors to track soil moisture, light, humidity, and temperature in order to tell you the exact time that you need to give your plants some more water.


Honorable mentions:

Control your eating habits

Turn it into a projector


If you can think of any other cool gadgets that link to your Smart Phone, let me know!